Tesha throwing a vase

About the Clay

Most of Lepus Studios tableware is thrown with porcelain clay. Porcelain has a creamy, fine texture that smooths even more as it wears - a result of high kaolin content. This fine-grained mineral structure makes the clay slightly more difficult to work with, but exceptionally strong when fired. Lepus Studios uses a lower fire porcelain (compared to fine china) making it particularly useful for hand-thrown materials. The vitrification for this porcelain happens at Cone 6. The creamy, white color of the porcelain allows for bold, bright colors in the glaze.

The two other clays found in Lepus Studios goods are gray and black stonewares with high firing temperatures. These clays have a higher grog content and grittier feel. The deep, natural colors of these two clays become the prominent aesthetic of the piece. Here, the glaze is minimal and the holder gets to feel the natural fine grit of the clay.

Throwing and Design

Throwing with clay involves both a vision for the lines and proportions you want to create as well as listening to the clay to see where it wants to move. In the design process, a thrown piece matures in iterations. The artist sees how the clay adjusts to the shape and then trains the hands to repeat or alter those patterns again.