Lepus Studios

Owned by Tesha Karpoff, Lepus Studios produces hand thrown and slipcast ceramics with simple geometric shapes and bright, earth tone glazes.

Purveyors and Venues

Liten, a small boutique in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, sells crafted home goods and unique gifts.


Sea Wolf Bakers serves coffee and pastry with Lepus Studios pottery. You can also buy Lepus Studio goods in their Wallingford bakery.


Lepus Studios occasionally sells goods at Seattle and Bellingham Farmers' Markets and artisan fairs. Stay tuned in on Instagram for details.

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Slip Casting Process

Here, you could include a brief description of what the slip casting process is like... Your own journey through learning the technique and why you it is necessary for porcelain. Maybe add in a little history of slip casting and how it compares to wheel throwing?