Cereal Bowl Set
Cereal Bowl Set
Cereal Bowl Set

Cereal Bowl Set

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** Each of the four Cereal Bowls in this set have one or more imperfections, such as slight warping, cracking, or glaze pitting. All imperfections are cosmetic only and will not affect use. **

The Cereal Bowl is hand-thrown from porcelain. This delicate bowl is deep enough to fit a hearty helping of granola (or ice cream), yet small enough to hold in one hand. The lightweight design makes it perfect for everyday use. Each bowl is hand painted, contrasting rich pigment against the natural color of the clay. The elegant design of the cereal bowl looks just as beautiful resting stacked in the cupboard as it does placed on the table.


Sea Wolf Blue/Sea Wolf Blue, Glossy/White/Green

The bowl dimensions are 3” in height and 4.125” in diameter.

Though the bowl is both dishwasher and microwave safe, hand washing will best preserve the glaze and protect the delicate ceramic.

Each item is handcrafted, therefore variations between individuals are natural and to be expected.